Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan was residing in a flat in Bandra’s Galaxy Apartments for many years now. While his financial standing certainly gives him the luxury of going out to another bungalow for himself, he’s favored staying there because his family and parents reside in the construction. The celebrity has once more confessed he is deeply connected to the place along with his loved ones.

“I really like staying in my apartment in Bandra above a large, lavish bungalow as my parents reside in the apartment above mine.

“The whole construction is like one huge family. When we were small, all of the children of this construction would perform together in the garden below and occasionally even sleep there. Back then, there were not different homes, all of the homes were treated as our own and we’d enter anybody’s home to eat meals. I stay in the identical apartment because I have hundreds of memories attached to this home,” he’d added.


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