‘Social distancing’ is the brand new keyword in most of our talks today. However, how do you keep it with your spouse? How do you maintain a space of half an hour with whom you discuss a six square foot double bed each evening? Let us break this down and attempt to obtain an answer on the way to get safe sex in this period of this Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Rajinder Yadav, Sexologist in Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh states,”There is not any evidence of COVID19 becoming transmitted sexually. It’s typically through oral transmission” So, there’s no problems having a romantic relationship with a spouse in this time period. Can there be some rider in thisparticular? Yes, there really is. Because COVID19 transmits through respiratory droplets, therefore, it isn’t safe to kiss your spouse.

Can this impact oral sex too? Yes, it really does because it entails your saliva and mouth. Dr Yadav agrees to the also adds,”Kissing, which can be an significant part sexual intercourse, needs to be averted. The virus could be transmitted through saliva and so oral sex ought to be avoided”


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