I am a big fan of football and also I am very passionate fan of movies. So watching the film “Bend it Like Beckham” was an entertaining combination of both for me. Also the title of the film got me hooked, as David Beckham was one of my favourite football players. Let me first describe the plot and give other information about the film and give my extensive review after that.

In the center of the film – the story of a young Indian girl who, against the will of her parents, dreams of becoming a football player, not a lawyer as her parents want, and does everything possible to achieve her dream. She has to go through many trials, as well as learn all the joys and complexities of first love.

Jesamine Bamra lives in London with her parents, who are trying their best to preserve Indian traditions and way of life in a foreign country. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not, but Jess definitely does not want to follow their example – she likes to be an ordinary European girl, freely communicate with her peers and … play live football. Of course, parents do not take Jess’s sporting passion seriously, they are convinced that this is a common whim, which will eventually pass. The elders of Bamrprepare prepare for their daughter a career as a lawyer and do not want to accept that she can choose a different path.

One day, while Jess is playing in the park with friends, her skill is noticed by a girl passing by named Jules, one of the participants of the amateur women’s team. Jules invites Jess to join this team, and Jess can not resist such temptation, although she knows that she can face big trouble. It is during this period that preparations are underway for the wedding of older sister Jess, and the celebration can be disrupted if the Bamr family shows itself not the best side. And what could be worse in the eyes of the Indian community than the youngest daughter playing football?

Jess has to play a double game – at home to portray a submissive Indian girl, and outside secretly go to training, which she likes more and more. In addition, Jess soon realizes that she fell in love with her coach, former footballer Joe. However, the same fate befell her friend Jules.

The main role in the film was given to a little-known at that time young actress Parminder Nagra. She was in her 30s at the time of the shooting, although she was given the role of Kira Nightley.

In the secondary episodic roles in the film took part real players of school amateur football teams.

The film grossed more than $75 million worldwide and was a great success at home in the UK.

Turning on the film, it immediately reminded me of “Changing the Gate” with the Olsen sisters. The atmosphere was similar, the main theme of football, and women’s teams. After watching a little bit, I even thought about turning off “Play like Beckham” because I didn’t see the prospects in the film. But it did not bother me, and in parallel I began to do other things. But then, I can’t understanding how it happened, the film chained me to itself, and the thought of turning off was not there anymore.

At first I was upset that the main character is AD, not Keira Knightley. But after watching it I changed my mind. So Parminder K. Nagra, in fact, played a great girl who loves football and boots, Jess. And a girl who fell in love with a coach. In general, a very good actress. Keira Knightley, the actress who played Jules – athlete, beauty, girl who, you can say, arranged a football career for Jess. Kira has always been a good actress. I have no complaints about the girls. Jonathan Reese Myers as Joe’s trainer. Well, what can I say, he doesn’t look like a coach. And so he’s handsome! He played well a guy who lost the opportunity to play football, but only to coach. Girls. For a coach, he’s too soft or something. But he’s undeniably a very good actor.

The main idea was to show that you shuldn’t give up in any case. Here is the main character who did not give up. In addition, the passion for football is shown really well. That’s important, too. If you show as “professionals,” then do it truthfully. Football, like any other sport, if you call it a favorite and understand it, can not be something that you do some routine stuff. It becomes a part of your life. And if you don’t turn from a beginner into anything, then all this time you’ve been lying and that’s really not really important to you. If you do something, you should try to be the best in it.

“Play Like Beckham” contains a trivial problems of parent-children, a love triangle, friendship, sports, breaking stereotypes and more. I was particularly interested in the destruction of stereotypes. Always such films are interesting when children stand up against their parents, because those do not let them follow their dream.

The film is English. You can see English houses, a huge amount of greenery and inclement weather. But the film is also Indian, which is a huge emphasis – bright suras, turbans, a traditional wedding and the rules of the Indian family, through which the main character had to transgress. It’s beautifully filmed. The scene where Jess resorts to Joe on the field is very touching, but all again to be friends on it. It lacks character.

In general, it’s nice to watch the film. There are no stupid scenes and phrases. Even there is an opportunity to worry about Jess, because her fate is decided. But the film is not simply about football, but also about the fact that you need to achieve your goal and not give up. And about what traditions Hindus have

Really, I wasn’t annoyed much by Jess’s parents.

In conclusion I want to say, the film is worth your time.


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