But a recent research had broken this intimate myth and discovered that couples that live together, within an average spend just four hours in precisely the identical area every day. The principal reasons behind paying such a limited period of time in precisely the exact same area are for the most part various bedtime hours, contradictory work hours and contradictory interests.

Based on this poll, where 2,000 British adults engaged on average couples invest nearly seven and a half an hour together in their property, although not in exactly the exact same area. Over fifty percent of the participants mentioned differing work hours as the primary culprit behind the tendency of spending hardly any time with their spouses in precisely the exact same area. Then 45 percent participants blamed their distinct interests for stopping them from spending time with their spouse in precisely the exact same room. Additionally, 30 percent of participants don’t go to bed at precisely the exact same time since they have different bedtimes.

Another startling observation produced by the poll is that if couples are in precisely the exact same room together for quite a while, they do not necessarily get along as anticipated. The average issues of debate between the couples have been control over space temperature, brightness of the lights and who’d sit on that side of the couch!

While the poll cannot be taken as a comprehensive study as it simply assesses 2,000 British adults, nevertheless this is sometimes taken as a eye-opener. There’s not any doubt that differing work hours, bedtime and interests hours have forced couples to cut short time they invest in precisely the exact same room. Let’s not forget that creating a relationship work demands hard work.


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